Dashboard – October 5 – 9, 2015







MONDAY:   This week will be a slow one for economic news, although FOMC minutes are to be released on Thursday. Otherwise, the week looks as if it will begin where it left off, as earnings season gets ready to begin anew later in the week.

TUESDAY:   After a huge and hugely unexpected move higher yesterday, the market is giving a little back this morning as the futures are trading lower. Last week’s pattern was large move, day off, large move – so we’ll see if that continues, as the news to create waves is sparse for most of this week.

WEDNESDAY:  Yesterday turned out to be a day off for markets, but this morning’s futures may be pointing toward returning to a path higher as improving energy prices have become a factor in moving markets higher, rather than lower

THURSDAY:  Yesterday broke a recent pattern and saw the market move higher. Today, if that recent pattern gets back on track should be a relatively quiet day as Friday’s have  lately been very big movers to end the week, just as Monday’s have lately been very big movers to begin past weeks.

FRIDAY:. The market has been astonishingly strong since hitting it’s mid-morning lows after last Friday’s Employment Situation Report, having seen the S&P 500 rise more than 6%. Past weeks have ended the week with strong moves on Friday, sometimes up and sometimes down, but today looks as if it may be a sedate ending to the week.








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