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MONDAY:   With the disappointing end to last week as a backdrop, it’s likely that even more attention is going to be paid to economic reports, such as this week’s GDP and more on earnings as they begin again if a few weeks. Otherwise, there’s not much to think about as a small rebound may be in the making this morning.

TUESDAY:   There isn’t really too much reason for this morning’s sharp decline in the futures trading, other than it being a continuation of the disappointment that the economy may not be healthy enough to justify an interest rate increase. Friday’s GDP may be more important than usual as long as an October increase is still on the table

WEDNESDAY:  After yesterday’s plunge, which showed that Monday’s bounce was no more than a bounce, this morning’ futures are again flat as Asia was once again very weak. The only good news in sight could have to wait until Friday’s GDP is released.

THURSDAY:  More large losses appear to be in store this morning as maybe only tomorrow’s GDP data may be able to stem the recent tide, but only if they show some real economic growth.

FRIDAY:. The market is continuing yesterday’s late day recovery with a nice advance in the futures prior to this morning’s GDP release which could really send stocks soaring if the number is strong, as that would possibly provide some justification for a rate increase.








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