Dashboard – August 31 – September 4, 2015







MONDAY:   China announces it won’t be purchasing stock shares in its markets and we respond in the morning’s futures by bemoaning the loss of an overseas catalyst. The week may be ready to get off to a triple digit loss after very calmly ending the past tumultuous week

TUESDAY:   China and Japan tumble overnight and Europe is set to follow, as the US futures are pointing toward a 2% decline. This all comes after concluding the worst month in 3 years, so it may be time to strap on once again

WEDNESDAY: If you were looking for a bounce after yesterday’s 469 point DJIA loss, after a quiet trading day in China, you’ve got it. But it’s nowhere close to 469 points as we await the market’s open and continue to take 5 steps back for every 4 steps forward. until further notice

THURSDAY:  With China’s stock market closed for the next few days, we’re on our own. That could change very quickly when our markets re-open following the Labor Day holiday and a few days of artificial calm from China comes to an end. For now, though, our futures are higher on news of increased Jobless Claims, which says that bad news is good news as we await tomorrow’s Employment Situation Report

FRIDAY:. This morning’s Employment Situation Report will hopefully erase the early large loss in the futures, but for now it may be that good news is bad news








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