Dashboard – August 17, 2015







MONDAY:   A moderately negative start to begin the week appears to be in the cards, as more retail earnings hit this week and so far, China remains quiet

TUESDAY:   Some big earnings numbers before this market day begins from Wal-Mart and Home Depot, but they come amid another huge loss in China. While the US futures are just mildly negative, the opening bell will tell whether traders get spooked by news from far away

WEDNESDAY: It’s a relatively quiet day in earnings reports today, although a couple of major retailers do report. Otherwise, with the FOMC on vacation, the minutes from the last meeting are released, which could give some insight into what may await in September, as the futures are basically asleep this morning.

THURSDAY: Another sell-off in China overnight  leads to another weak day in Europe and that seems to be oozing over to our shores this morning after yesterday’s reversal to the earlier reversal left us even deeper in the hole. Strap on.

FRIDAY:. Another huge drop in China overnight on top of yesterday’s largest loss of the year in the US isn’t the way to end the week and the monthly option cycle on a happy note








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