Daily Market Update – August 12, 2015




Daily Market Update – August 12,  2015  (8:30 AM)


Yesterday was a major disappointment following Monday’s very nice and broad rally, but probably shouldn’t have come as too much of a rurprise to anyone. That is except for the few that thought tha maybe Monday was the start of something that would take us to new highs.

As it is, after yesterday’s 200+ point loss that made Monday seem as if it never existed, the S&P 500 is barely 2.5% below those all time highs.

This morning that figure is going to get larger as the futures are again down sharply again being whipsawed by China.as its markets again fell and late in their trading day the government stepped in to support the currency.

Given that it devalued it just a couple of days earlier it was a little unusual that it was now stepping in to support it. History has long shown that governments attempting to support their currency against what the market is doing tends to be a waste of time.

If there was any doubt as to whether there would be any thing actually going on while the Federal Reserve was on its vqacation, China has left no doubt that it was fully capable of filling whatever voids we might have.

So this morning our futures are again down triple digits as we await the first of the major national retailers getting ready to report their earnings. Most of those, other than Wal-Mart shouldn’t be terribly impacted by currency and may in fact find benefit to the devaluation of the Chinese Yuan. Although the news of the CHinese currency is just beginning to get digested, that could result in providing improved guidance, which could easily offset disappointing earnings, if that is going to be retail’s theme this quarter.

Of course, that could lead to some minor deflation on our end if the price of consumer goods, largely imported from China falls or even stays the same. That would make it a little more difficult to find the data justifying an interest rate increase.

While most everyone agrees that it’s likely that we will see that increase come in September, suddenly there is reason to re-think that target.

Meanwhile, Macys did get retail off to a start early this morning and it reported disappointing revenues and wasn’t giving positive guidance, either. It blamed a decrease in foreign tourist shopping, an indirect result of the US Dollar’s relative strength.

Everything is increasingly connected.

This morning the market’s are down before the opening bell, but the numbers have improved just a little, or at least they may have stabilized. However, if Macys is going to be reflective of what other retailers are going to report, there may not be much reason to expect the market doing anything to turn things around this week or maybe not even next week.

Since Wednesdays are usually a slow day, I don’t expect to do much today, but would be reluctant to see any of those positions that were expiring this week potentially slip away from being assigned and then further slip away from being rolled over.

Becasue of that, there may be reason to consider some early rollovers just to capture some more income and forego the possibility of collecting some cash from assignments.

That’s the view from this morning, but as is always the case, subject to change and very likely to change.