Dashboard – August 3 – 7, 2015







MONDAY:   August looks as if it’s going to begin in a quiet kind of way, as earnings begin to slow down, although Retail is yet to come.

TUESDAY:   Remember how yesterday was giving indications of starting the week off quietly? This morning it looks to be the same, but with a negative bias, so basically that means nothing of any value.

WEDNESDAY:  The early pre-open futures trading added to its already nice gains as the ADP Employment Report was disappointing, suggesting that the market is still in a “bad news is good news” mentality

THURSDAY:  It’s hard to characterize this week, but consistency isn’t one of the characteristics that should be used. This morning again looks to be a flat open ahead of tomorrow’s Employment Situation Report

FRIDAY:. Any deviation from what’s expected in this morning’s Employment Situation Report will tell us whether the market has a “bad news is good news” mindset or whether it sees news for what it really is. The latter would make each week a little easier to navigate for a change.








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