Dashboard – July 27 – 31, 2015







MONDAY:   More negativity seems on the way as the week is ready to begin. Lots of earnings ahead and an FOMC Statement release to maybe help out, but hard to imagine any news from the latter moving markets higher in its immediate aftermath

TUESDAY:   More earnings, more China. More disappointment? At least this morning the futures are pointing higher as the FOMC meeting begins and perhaps CHina begins to stabilize a little.

WEDNESDAY:  Could today be a rarity that sees 2 consecutive days of gains? That would be especially nice given that yesterday was a nearly 200 point advance. Today has more earnings reports, but more importantly, there’s an FOMC Statement release this afternoon. Probably a non-event, but you never know.

THURSDAY:  Another day of big gains is being followed by flat futures, so it’s anyone’s guess where today may go, but suddenly the market is just 1.5% away from its all time highs as it has reversed course from re-testing its support level to maybe trying to take on resistance levels again.

FRIDAY:. It looks like a flat start to follow up on the flat close to yesterday’s trading and maybe a quiet end to a week that halted the re-testing of support levels








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