Dashboard – July 20 – 24, 2015







MONDAY:   There’s not much in the way of economic news this week, but there will be a flood of earnings coming, as the week looks as if it may get off to a sleepy start

TUESDAY:   Earnings will predominate this week, unless something very unexpected will occur. Meanwhile the week will likely be a very quiet one as this morning’s futures are pairing off against yesterday’s very mild gains, weighed down by some disappointing earnings from DJIA comp[onents.

WEDNESDAY:  Yesterday’s lsses were magnified by large moves in some DJIA components and not really reflected as much in the S&P 500 and NASDAQ. This morning it looks as if the DJIA will be a bit better off, despite  some weakness from one of its components, Microsoft, as Apple’s sharp decline adds a double dose decline to the NASDAQ 100 along with Microsft.

THURSDAY:  After a couple of days of disappointing earnings, yesterday evening and this morning may be getting back on track, although the  market appears as if it will have a quiet start to the day.

FRIDAY:. WIth earnings out of the way following this morning’s release, the futures are nearly asleep, but this has been a week of surprises that haven’t been seen by those early morning traders.








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