Dashboard – July 13 – 17, 2015







MONDAY:   This week starts off with an agreement on Greece’s debt and without any further Chinese stock market melt down or melt up. Although given the continued strength of the Chinese market nicely higher this morning, you mght have expected a little more than 120 points higher on the DJIA futures

TUESDAY:   Initial earnings reported from the financial sector are looking positive, as earnings season really gets underway, but as the futures are taking a break from yesterday’s strong gain that was probably fueled by a deal on Greek debt relief

WEDNESDAY:  Looks like a quiet morning leading up to the beginning of Janet Yellen’s 2 days of Congressional testimony and answering questions of those grandstanding while  looking to make points back home and get sound bites for their next election campaigns

THURSDAY:  Yesterday was almost like a day off, with not even Yellen’s Humphrey-Hawkins Congressional testimony able to get things exciting. This morning the futures are pointing to a positive open along the lines of Tuesday and inching back toward record highs

FRIDAY:. It looks as if the week may want to come to a quiet end as the best week in a long time gets ready to come to a close, as does the July 2015 option cycle








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