Dashboard – June 15 – 19, 2015







MONDAY:  .The pre-opening futures aren’t getting the week off to a good start, as any optimistic news about Greece last week appears to have been unwarranted, for now, at least

TUESDAY:   No recovery is in sight this morning, but at least there’s no evidence of piling on to start the morning as we await tomorrow’s FOMC Statement release

WEDNESDAY: .Coming off of yesterday’s rally erasing Monday’s loss, today’s FOMC and subsequent Chairman’s press conference could lead anywhere, as could news on Greece

THURSDAY:  .While there wasn’t a sustained rally yesterday, the market closed higher and that may continue this morning, hopefully taking expiring positions closer to action or resolution

FRIDAY:. Quadruple witching doesn’t mean what it meant 15 years ago, but coming after a 200 point gain on the DJIA, there may be some more action than typically the case for traders on the wrong side of yesterday’s move.








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