Dashboard – June 8 – 12, 2015







MONDAY:  .There isn’t too muuc sceduled news this week, but attention is really focused on interest rates as bond traders seem to be anticipating the FOMC’s action to come sooner than anyone believed just a week ago

TUESDAY:   .Another morning with a familiar start to it looks to be in store this morning. More weakness, albeit light, but no real reason for losses nor gains to occur today, although erosion is the theme

WEDNESDAY: .The morning’s futures trading is taking a rare path of late and indicating higher. Nothing tremendous, but at least the morning may get off to a positive start for a change ahead of tomorrow’s Retail Sales Report

THURSDAY:  .After yesterday’s gain it’s unreasonable to expect more, but it’s hard to be left not wanting for more. Today, though, doesn’t look as if it’s going to add significantly to those gains, although simply preserving them would also be a nice change of pace.

FRIDAY:. The market appears to be headed lower to close the week as the pre-opening futures are improving, however. Soon focus shifts to next week and the FOMC Statement release, quickly followed by the end to the monthly option cycle







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