Dashboard – June 1 – 5, 2015







MONDAY:  After a very unsatisfying week last week, this week is looking to get off to a moderately positive opening, as it gained strength during the pre-open session. Hopefully, there’ll be more trading there was last week.

TUESDAY:   The pre-opening futures this morning are giving every indication of being a mirror of last week, as yesterday’s gain is headed for erasure and uncertainty continues< WAITING FOR Friday’s Employment Situation Report to be released

WEDNESDAY: After a nive recovery yesterday, the market looks like it is ready to again move higher, but first it has to deral with the ADP Report in preperation for Friday’s Employment Sitiutaion Report

THURSDAY:  It looks like another day of the back and forth indecisiveness of the past few weeks will be continuing today as markets await tomorrow’s Employment Situation Report to either see the light or become more confused

FRIDAY: It;s all about the Employment SItuaion Report that comes out an hour before the market begins trading. After yesterday’s large loss the market really needs a number that is right in line with expectations, as there’s too much uncertainty with how it might act on either side of an extreme number.







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