Dashboard – May 18 – 22, 2015







MONDAY:   Other than the release of FOMC Minutes this week and some FOMC Governors speaking, it is a fairly quiet week ahead, as the market begins the week at another new high

TUESDAY:  Wal-Mart disappoints, but, so far at least, the pre-opening futures doesn’t seem to care, as retail sales are swept under the rug. Tomorrow’s release of past FOMC minutes may be interesting for insights into the thinking behind interest rate policies.

WEDNESDAY: Yesterday’s flat market may be leading to today’s repeat. This afternoon brings the release of FOMC Minutes, that may at least prove to be interesting and may put the parsing of words coming from FOMC Governors in their speeches into hyper-drive

THURSDAY:  More quiet appears to be in store for today’s trading as the market is deciding what to do about staying at the 2120 level.

FRIDAY: Another quiet day looks like what will be in store today making it an appropriate end to a quiet week







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