Dashboard – May 4 – 8, 2015







MONDAY:   Other than Friday’s Employment Situation Report, there’s not much economic news this week and earnings are winding down. We’ll see whether last week’s indecision continues as the week looks to open moderately higher

TUESDAY:    .This will likely be a quiet day and there’s very little reason for the market to find anything to react toward, but soon someone is going to start talking about how relatively high interest rates are becoming and offering potential competition to stocks

WEDNESDAY: Today’s ADP and Petroleum Status Reports are about as exciting as it gets. After yesterday’s plunge, the expectation should be for a bounce higher on lighter volume, but the pre-open futures look to be reluctant, although there is a modest gain in the early making

THURSDAY:  The immediate aftermath is never very good when the Chairman of the Federal Reserve opines that stocks are too expensive. With the Employment Situation Report still to come tomorrow there is either time to recover or to pile on

FRIDAY: All eyes are on this morning’s Employment SItuation Report. It can end up turning what is still a fairly negative week into one palatable.







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