Dashboard – April 20 – 24, 2015







MONDAY:   Aftre a horrid way to end the last week, this one looks to regain some of what was lost, but just some. There’s not too much economic news this week, but lots and lots of earnings to come

TUESDAY:    Earnings begin pouring in with this week and next being the major stories. The stories themselves are all similar: beating on bottom line and missing on top lines and more buybacks.

WEDNESDAY: Some disappointment with earnings took us a little further away from reaching April’s potential, but the weakness was isloated to the DJIA. This morning the weakness continues, although only mildly and more evenly distributed

THURSDAY:  Many more big name earnings coming in this morning, with mixed results, although trending downward as top line revenues continue to be under pressure.

FRIDAY: Not much is scheduled for today as the week comes to an end, other than to deal with last night’s earnings from Microsoft, Google and Amazon which should be giving the market’s a boost, but is not being reflected in futures trading







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