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MONDAY:   .The week looks as if it needs to fill in the gap from Friday’s Employment Situation Report when interest rates fell sharply and futures did as well. Maybe Wednesday’s FOMC minutes release will do something to instill confidence.

TUESDAY:    Yesterday was a nice day and one where a reversal was really welcome. WHile the ISM non-manufacturing number had some good news, the illogic of a futures sell off on Friday based on possibly outlier numbers may have become apparent

WEDNESDAY: A flat day may await, although some insights may come from the release of FOMC minutes later today. Whatever does come shouldn’t have any impact on today’s trading, although they may make some comment about the dollars growing strength and how that may impact our expected economic growth

THURSDAY:   Another failed rally yesterday and this morning appears to be another flat opening for a weak that has had almost nothing to offer anyone

FRIDAY: Luckily, Monday gave this week something to be proud about, but today could add to rally, as more buybacks can still add fuel







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