Dashboard – March 9 – 13, 2015







MONDAY:   A sedate start to the morning seems to be coming after Friday’s very unexpected response to Employment data reflected fear of rising interest rates. Too bad no one referred to the history books to see that the initial phase of interest rate hikes was associated with continuing rises in stocks.

TUESDAY:    Does anyone really believe that this morning’s nealy 200 point sell off in the futures is related to the realization that the strong US Dollar will result in decreased corporate profits? Strap on this morning and watch iot all unfold.

WEDNESDAY:  This morning, the market begins 3.5% below its recent high. If hostry is a guide, there’s more downside ahead. This morning’s modest rise doesn’t do much to inspire confidence to start looking for bargains that could become cheaper in the blink of an eye.

THURSDAY:   While the market is mildly higher in the pre-open futures, we may have to wait until next week’s FOMC to finally get back to rational trading and be free of fear of interest rates

FRIDAY:  Another tumultous kind of week with no plausible catalysts no news to account for much, finally comes to an end. Yesterday’s bounce higher may serve to offer nothing more than mis-direction, although a giant sigh of relief may be released after next week’s FOMC Statement release.







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