Dashboard – March 2 – 6, 2015







MONDAY:   The week ends with another Employment Situation Report, but in between there are lots of Federal Reserve Governors willing to share their opinions as everyone still plays the interest rate game

TUESDAY:    After a surprising move to the upside yesterday, including breaking the 5000 mark on the NASDAQ, this morning looks as if it is going to take a little break trying to understand what lit yesterday’s fire.

WEDNESDAY:  The ADP Statistics leadintg up to Friday’s Employment Situtaion Report are in line and the market shows no change to its mildly lower pre-open numbers after 2 days of thmeless trading

THURSDAY:   Another listless day in the pre-open futures, but if the past 3 days are any indication, that may mean nothing once the bell rings

FRIDAY:  The pre-open market is simply biding its time until the Employment Situation Report is released, amidst a Washington, DC government on delay following yet another snowstorm







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