Dashboard – February 23 – 27, 2015







MONDAY:   No follow through to last week’s closing highs to begin the week, but plenty of possible catalysts during the week, including lots of retail sales and a week ending GDP

TUESDAY:    Janet Yellen’s testimony begins today as the market looks as if it is going to get off to a very sleepy start in continuation of yesterday’s trading and for most of the past week, as well.

WEDNESDAY:  Day 2 of Yellen’s congressional testimony looking to get markets off to the same start as did yesterday. It would be nice if it could also come to the same finish.

THURSDAY:   Today looks as if it may be another quiet day ahead of tomorrow’s GDP report, as yesterday closed at yet another new high on the DJIA

FRIDAY:  Today’s GDP does nothing to enhance markets after reducing last quarter’s reported growth







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