Dashboard – February 2 – 6, 2015







MONDAY:   Maybe Fevruary will be an improvement, as retail earnings are still to come and today’s usually not so important Personal Income and Outlays Report may carry some more weight, especially if showing some more spending. Otherwise, Friday is the Employmemt Situation Report

TUESDAY:    Looking for more subtle clues as to whether the economy is growing or not may come from today’s Factory Orders, that have now declined for 4 consecutive months. That’s not something you would expect during economic expansion

WEDNESDAY:  After 2 really unexpected great days the market is preparing for a little breather to get things started as the first in a string of employment statistics is released today in addition to data regarding the services sector.

THURSDAY:   Some good guidance from some national retailers yesterday and this morning may be the first glimpse of what we’ve all come to expect from dropping energy prices and increasing employment

FRIDAY:  The Employment Situation Report today could be the impetus to seal the week that could end up being the best in years. The pre-open futures are tentative, though, not that it’s mattered earlier in the week.







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