Dashboard – January 26 – 30, 2015







MONDAY:.While the morning looks as if it will get off to a moderate loss, those losses are cut in half from overnight, as this week has both an FOMC Statement release and GDP numbers to shake things up

TUESDAY:     .Pre-open futures trading are pointing toward a large decline to start the day, possibly breaking a pattern of strong advances on the day before the FOMC STatement is released, as earnings from CAT, MSFT and UTX account for about 80 points of the 200 point drop in DJIA futures.

WEDNESDAY:  .Pre-open futures aren’t showing much of a bounce, but they are a little higher ahead of today’s FOMC Statement, with GDP still to come on Friday.

THURSDAY:   .Two successive really bad days and a very small bounce indicated this morning, as tomorrow’s GDP may loom larger than bormal, although the bond markets aren’t expecting much in the way of things heating up.

FRIDAY:  .Ahead of the GDP report the market is significantly weaker, following yesterday’s strong advance, but the final trading day of the month doesn’t appear to be likely to rescue January’s poorly performing markets




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