Dashboard – January 5 – 9, 2015







MONDAY: The first trading week of 2015 will be a busy one with both an FOMC Statement and an Employment Situation Report and then wondering whether “The January Effect” will make a comeback after a failed December and disappointing Santa Claus Rally

TUESDAY:     Yesterday’s breach of the $50  seemed to re-couple oil and stocks, but European issues may have weighed on markets, as well. Hopefully, the recent pattern of pre-FOMC Statement release rallies kicks in today.

WEDNESDAY: ADP Report and FOMC today, but still hard to understand reversal from yesterday’s sharp drop, especially in light of failed recovery in final hour and uncertainty contained in key economic events today.

THURSDAY:   Just as yesterday’s early morning advance had no apparent basis, this morning appears to be the same – and then some, but without obvious reason. There’s also no obvious reason to complain, though

FRIDAY:  After two large gains worthy of those typically seen in bear markets, the futures market is resting before today’s Employment Situation Report




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