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MONDAY: Oil weakness continues as the week also opens  weaker in what is traditionally among the best months of the year

TUESDAY:     Only 2 of this week’s eleven Federal Reserve Governor speechews are today, so it’s a relatively slow dat in that regard. The market looks like it may have a mildly positive open, although words from Stanley Fischer, the VIce-Chair this morniung could change that and again when he speaks for the second time this week, on Friday

WEDNESDAY: After a surprsingly good day yesterday, today appears to be ready for a very lackluster open, but the ADP reprt due before the opening could, but rarely does, change the direction or magnitude of the opening

THURSDAY:    The planned ECB policy release for this morning isn’t likely to hold too many surprises. Instead most will probably be positioning themselves for tomorrow’s Employment Situaton Report, although the classic need to protect gains isn’t an issue for many as the year comes to its end.

FRIDAY:  The pre-open futures mean nothing in general, but mean even less today until the Employment Situation Report is released at 8:30 AM. There’s not too much likelihood of getting a big boost from the report, but anything would be good as long as helping to secure assignments or rollovers to end the week




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