Dashboard – November 24 – 28, 2014







MONDAY: A very quiet and very short trading week which traditionally begins a period of market strength until the end of the year, as focus will begin on the last 5 weeks of retail sales

TUESDAY:     Today has all of the makings of a quiet day, other than the fact that GDP report is being issueds this morning and it has been the subject of some significant revisions this year that have taken the markets by surprise. We’ll see.

WEDNESDAY: It should, again, be another quiet day, at least in terms of trading volume. While there is some key economic news being released today, there won’t be too many around to respond to it

THURSDAY:    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

FRIDAY:  Huge drop in Energy Sector this morning not translating into market optimism that usually characterizes cheap energy, but more importantly, the day after Thanksgiving




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