Dashboard – November 10 – 14, 2014







MONDAY:  A quiet futures trading session to begin a week that has little scheduled on the economic front and with earnings winding down should mean a sedate kind of day, just like last week’s series of events should have meant a boisterous week.

TUESDAY:     .Another day that looks to follow yesterday’s relatively listless trading, perhaps even more so as banks and bond markets are closed in honor of Veterans Day

WEDNESDAY:  The market appears to be a loittle more negative than the past 2 days, as trading is getting ready to begin, but still nothing to fan flames in either direction is on the horizon this week

THURSDAY:    Wal-Mart, Macys, JC Penney give mixed results. It’s not just about profits, but revenues as well and revenues are universally increasing, even as profits may be higher, leading to questions of consumer participation and the underlying strength of the economy

FRIDAY:  Another quiet day to end a very quiet week, that still somehow made new records, appears to be today’s fate




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