Dashboard – November 3 – 7, 2014







MONDAY:  Elections and Employment Situation Report characterize the week after one marked by unexpected events and reactions. No surprise events are expected this week, but the reactions are less predictable

TUESDAY:     Another relatively quiet day looms ahead, with no real reason to be much different from yesterday’s trading. Tomorrow’s election results and ADP Employment Report may begin a busy latter half of the week.

WEDNESDAY:  Election results are in and the market seems to like what it sees, maybe hopeful of some adult like behavior to come as a result of power sharing. However, victors and losers alike probably only focused on what they can do to make themselves look better in 2016 and their opponents look worse, rather than working toward something of mutual value

THURSDAY:    ECB is center stage today and Employment Situation Report tomorrow as we come off yesterday’s post-election highs. Today awaits teh ECB, but expectations for anything substantive are now low. Any announcement of an EU version of Quantitative Easing should send US markets much higher for a short while

FRIDAY:  Today the Employment SItuation Report will set the tone and expectations are for another good month of job gains. The market usually reacts in line with those numbers and expectations.




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