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MONDAY:  With very little scheduled news this week the FOMC Statement release this week looms more important than usual. For now the market digests election news from Brazil, whose market is down nearly 8% in the futures and barely even seems to burp.

TUESDAY:     Today’s early futures look to be a little less ambivalent than yesterday’s market, but there’s still very little reason for the market to do much today while still awaiting tomorrow’s FOMC Statement.

WEDNESDAY:  Very divided opinion over reaction to whatever is contained in today’s FOMC Statement release. With yesterday’s nearly 200 point gain you could excuse the market for not following through, although lately the pattern has been to celebrate before and after

THURSDAY:    The day after the end of QE, which was announced about a year ago and the world neither celebrated nor went into panic. I found that surprising, but there’s still today to deal with the hangover or its cure





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