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MONDAY A generally quiet week, but lately words have been mopre meaningful than actual data. Strong earnings reports starting this week with banks could be the thing the markets need.

TUESDAY    A very disappointing market day yesterday and, as a result, not a single trade to show for the effort. The effort to move higher lasted about 20 minutes and quickly gave way to uncertainty, before completely falling apart in the final hour. This morning seems tentative, at best.

WEDNESDAY: Despite yesterday’s decent finish to trading and Intel’s decent earning’s report, the market looks to be back to the path it had established nearly 4 weeks ago and is headed toward another triple digit down day, based on the opening futures.

THURSDAY:   Yesterday’s attempt to rally going into the close was a positive sign, but this morning’s futures point to another triple digit move lower. Even Goldman Sachs’ better than expected earnings are met with an initial sharp move lower this morning and does nothing to buoy markets.

FRIDAY:   Hang on, as the fourth week of triple digit moves comes to its end. FInally. But who knows what next week brings. For one, I’d like to see some sanity, which is marked by normal sized moves in either direction, rather than the “new normal” sized moves and give traders a chance to more rationally look at their positions.




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