Dashboard – September 15 – 19, 2014







MONDAY:  A big week ahead appears to have a somewhat negative bias to begin the week, but anything can be in store once the news starts rolling. After last week’s disappointing results there isn’t too much reason to buck thae trend

TUESDAY:     Another day that appears to have no reason for much of anything happening, but that may all change tomorrow afternoon. Hard to imagine anything moving markets strongly forward before the FOMC, as it is for the rest of the week.

WEDNESDAY:  Themarket is taking it easy at the opening, as all eyes focused on 2 PM FOMC statement and then Scotland independence vote tomorrow.

THURSDAY:    The first hurdle for the week has been conquered and all that remains are Scotland’s independence referendum and getting the Alibaba IPO off smoothly. Hopefully, both bring some additional strength to the markets.

FRIDAY:  FOMC? Check. Scotland? Check? Alibaba? Soon and then this week comes to an end, perhaps with nothing having changed, at all.




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