Dashboard – September 8 -12, 2014







MONDAY:  The week looks to be getting off to a slow start after reaching another new record closing high last week. There’s very little scheduled news for this week to push things along, but the market has liked the vacuum lately.

TUESDAY:     Today everyone is waiting for news from Apple. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the days when Apple completely ruled the market, are gone, so today’s news of product releases is not likely to have a broad impact. but will make for plenty of news.

WEDNESDAY:  A little bit of an Apple letdown yesterday leaves nothing else for the week to act as a propellant. After yesterday’s weakness and the second consecutive such day it wobn’t take long for whispers of correction to start again, unless today’s early morning indication can have legs.

THURSDAY:    Another weak day ahead as the pre-open futures are expressing some convicttion that has been missing for quite a while

FRIDAY:  Despite an omenous pre-opening futures yesterday the market acquitted itself nicely and didn’t leave a big hole needing to be conquered. Today may be a quiet day, but I’d certainly welcome some upside bias.




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