Dashboard – August 25 – 29, 2014







MONDAY:  Another relatively quiet week on the economic news front and coming off a quiet week on the geo-political front, both would seem to make for a positive beginning to the week’s trading.

TUESDAY:     Yesterday lived up to its potential and today has no apparent roadblocks to a continuing climb higher, as a technician might agree, as the pattern of higher highs and higher lows continues uninterrupted.

WEDNESDAY:  S&P 500 hits 2000 and starts to get people’s interest, as talk increases of money coming off sidelines. Who made that observation? No one other than chairman of S&P 500 Index, himself. Markets look to be quiet to start the day as these round numbers always make people circumspect or ebullient.

THURSDAY:    With yesterday’s market in suspended animation it was still enough to set another new record on the S&P 500 as the market awaits GDP and Jpbless Claims to end the summer.

FRIDAY:  Likely to be one of the slowest trading days of the year, but despite a seemingly flat open, any news can end up being big news, especially if geo-political and facing a long holiday weekend ahead




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