Dashboard – August 18 – 22, 2014







MONDAY:  A quiet weekend may get the market off to a good start for the week, with not much more than an FOMC statement to contend with for the rest of the week.

TUESDAY:     Maybe Home Depot should show everyone else how earnings are supposed to be done, beating on every metric. That will help the DJIA more than the S&P 500 but a healthy Home Depot is generally good news all around, unless it comes at the expense of its competition. We’ll know that tomorrow

WEDNESDAY:  Market looks to start of trading quietly today ahead of what should be a non-consequential FOMC statement release this afternoon.

THURSDAY:    With the market already up 1.6% for the week it couldn’t be blamed for taking a break today before tomorrow’s festivities from Jackson Hole. Still with money fleeing precious metals this morning and interest rates so low, where else are you going to go? At least for today.

FRIDAY:  All eyes on Jackson Hole and it’s Friday, so no surprises if any surprise comes out of the Ukraine – Russia conflict




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