Dashboard – August 4 – 8, 2014







MONDAY:  First signs to start the week are that there is no follow through to last week’s late sell-off, so basically we start the week where we were on June 3, 2014.

TUESDAY:     No more bounce seems to be left following yesterday’s rebound. The remainder of the week has relatively little expected news and earnings reports are dwindling down along with the summer.

WEDNESDAY:  Another gloomy start to the day appears to be in store as Europe sets the tone as Italy is now in recession and Russia is knocking on Ukraine’s door

THURSDAY:    The ECB rate announcement is a non-event and markets remain flat after yesterday’s lack of direction, hopefully taking us closer to the week’s end without any great surprises.

FRIDAY:  An abysmal week for the markets comes to an end as it approaches a 5% decline from its highs mostly on non-market news.




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