Dashboard – July 14 – 18, 2014



MONDAY:  Not much news scheduled this week, other than lots of earnings reports, but the market appears to be ready to get off to a nice start to begin trading, with a little bit of surprising earnings help from Citigroup.
TUESDAY:     More good earnings from financial sector with JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs reporting. Congressional testimony from Janet Yellen over the next two days could add to sense that economic expansion is now really taking hold.
WEDNESDAY:  More mergers may add market fuel, but historically that has meant the approach of a market top. When you’re spending other people’s money you’re very often unaware of  or indifferent to value
THURSDAY:    Weak European markets looking to upset the party here, as more bank earnings point to something good going on, at least on one level of the economy.
FRIDAY:  With news of airplane downing and ground assault on Gaza now old, the market seems to be ready to settle down after yesterday’s accelerating sell off during afternoon trading

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