Dashboard – June 23 – 27, 2014







MONDAY:  Seems like new week will get off to a quiet start as we have a relative break between now and the start of another earnings season in about 2 weeks

TUESDAY:     Little reason to expect much activity today, but it couldn’t possibl;y be any less than yesterday. Nothing appearing on the horizon to shake things up as the morning is taking form

WEDNESDAY:  More GDP concerns and more questions about how the economy could possibly have been growing with a -2.9% GDP for Q1. Assuming that the market reflected fantsasy numbers will reality be an unwelcome next event?

THURSDAY:    Yesterday was a day marked by government intervention, withness SBGI, IRM and the oil refiners. That’s not an enduring theme so it’s anyone’s guess what may set the tone for today and the rest of the week.

FRIDAY:  Looking like a negative ending to a mediocre and rudderless week



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