Dashboard – June 16 – 20, 2014







MONDAY:   Market not seeming to begin the week in reaction to events in Iraq over the weekend. Busy week including FOMC, Yellen press conference and quadruple witching.

TUESDAY:     Today may be another quiet day but talk may heat about about tomorrow’s FOMC as a $5 billion dollar piece of the taper comes into focus

WEDNESDAY:  Looks as if much will be on hold until 2 PM today and then anything goes once the press conference begins. Market looking for any reason to do anything, whether rational reason or otherwiise.

THURSDAY:    Now comes the waiting, as Janet Yellen gave the market a little boost at just the right time if your eyes are on options expirations.

FRIDAY:  Quadruple Witching appears to be sedate and will hopefully end the week on that noe.




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