Dashboard – June 9 – 13, 2014







MONDAY:   The split Apple begins trading today and little else is set to characterize this coming week which begins at another new high.

TUESDAY:     Another seemingly quiet day in a week of little expected news or events.While not necessarily seeing reason to be shy about opening new positions there isn’t much reason to be excited, either.

WEDNESDAY:  Something unusual this morning – some moderate losses in the pre-open and volatility inches higher. Neither are necessarily bad ways to start the day.

THURSDAY:    Coming off a rare moderate loss there’s no immediate evidence of follow-through. The absence of catalysts continues to characterize today’s market which appears to be ready to get off to a flat start

FRIDAY:  At one time Intel was market leader and then sank into irrelevance. Its surprising increased guidance gives it a gain the size that hasn’t been seen in about a decade. Is this wg=hat the narket really needs as its catalyst?




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