Dashboard – May 12-16, 2014







MONDAY:   Not much in store this week, but those do have a way od becoming eventful, nonetheless. A mildly positive open may be at hand and would be welcome, especially if setting the stage to return to a positive Tuesday and a positive week.

TUESDAY:     No immediate follow through to yesterday’s nice gains, but at least there’s some hope as earnings season, for the most part, comes to its eand this week.

WEDNESDAY:  Early morning earnings from big names don’t seem to offer impetus to move higher, but new records are the norm this week, thus far

THURSDAY:    Wal-Mart and Cisco look as if they’re balancing one another this morning and as we’ve recently been seeing big moves don’t appear to have follow-through the next morning. In today’s case that would be good.

FRIDAY:  Unfortunately, not likely to be too busy with rollovers today as the best two days of strong declines have taken a toll on assignments and rollovers




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