Dashboard – April 28 – May 2, 2014






MONDAY:   The week lloks to start off with a push from talk of deals and mergers and hopefully will have some momentum going into mid-week’s FOMC announcement

TUESDAY:     It’s Tuesday, so that means that the market is likely headed higher. Coming during an Employment Situation Reprt week what more guarantee can you need?

WEDNESDAY:  Bad GDP, mediocre earnings may yet be discussed at today’s final day of FOMC meeting, but likely no impact and announcement not likely to express much change in policy. The reaction? Who knows?

THURSDAY:    Another fan fareless closing record and now only the Employment Situation Report left to go to close the week with hopefully continued strength

FRIDAY:  Employment Situation Report, finally. But moe importantly, whay side of the ned did traders get out of today as probale expected numbers are delivered?




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