Dashboard – April 21 – 25, 2014






MONDAY:   Not much indication of direction prior to the start of the week’s trading and not much expected economic news for the week, othe than earnings. After the past 2 weeks maybe a quiet one is in store.

TUESDAY:     A quiet follow up to a quiet weekly opening looks to be how this day gets started, although Tuesdays again have a strong trend of going higher as was the case last year.

WEDNESDAY:  It looks like another quiet day, although yesterday had the same early feel. Earnings rule the day, with little to suggest big movement in markets, but individual stocks are having big earnings related moves.

THURSDAY:    It’s Apple’s day in the sun today as it settles into middle age.

FRIDAY:  Following yesterday’s statistical oddity of an absolutely unchanged DJIA today looks to be a weak close to end the week, as earnings season has been harsh on those not meeting already lowered expectations and guiding weakly into the next quarter








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