Daily Market Update – April 9, 2014



Daily Market Update – April 9, 2014 (8:30 AM)

Another seemingly flat morning, which basically means nothing.

The late Mark Haines, of CNBC, used to observe that the pre-opening market tended to have very little in common with what occurred subsequently. He often would say that on mornings when there was a decided move in either direction and so often he was right.

Lately the pre-open hasn’t been much of a barometer, In fact, the first 90 minutes of trading haven’t been a very good indicator, either. For anyone looking for themes or patterns there haven’t been many lately, other than the poor predictive capability of the first hour of trading.

Maybe with Alcoa kicking off earnings season last night the consideration of basic fundamentals, especially earnings, will become the theme. The only thing is that was precisely the same kind of hope over the past couple of earnings seasons, as well, and that sort of thing only lasted a week or so. Once the financials were done with their reports the rest didn’t really matter.

Today’s early morning trading appears fairly listless which isn’t altogether unusual, as this afternoon brings another FOMC minutes release. Most traders don’t really want to commit themselves in a significant way before any major announcement or event, especially if there’s any unknown component that may be released. So they sit and wait, maybe make a few incidental trades here and there, but mostly wait and then suddenly spring into action as the fastest of the systems runs its initial algorithm on the words themselves.

Maybe it’s just another of those signs of getting older, but it seems as if those monthly releases are coming much more quickly than at a monthly pace. Still, the one due today has gotten unusually little attention or mention.

While there’s not likely to be much new in the release that hasn’t stopped knee jerk and delayed reactions alike as the words are parsed and interpreted for meanings that were never intended.

While I didn’t expect much in the way of personal activity yesterday I expect even less today, although I wouldn’t mind any other opportunities to sell more call options on uncovered positions and begin looking forward to next week, which already marks the end of the monthly option cycle, which seems to also have come very quickly.

Looking forward to next week starts, as usual, with hoping for the rollover or assignment of as many positions as possible and once again, this week has too many positions with contracts set to expire.

As in recent past weeks the holdings aren’t terribly well diversified across the calendar so once again there’s a fair amount riding on the next couple of days. That’s not a position that I like being in and continue to be anxious to see a rise in volatility, as long as it waits until next Monday to begin in earnest.

Just to be clear, markets usually fall when volatility is rising, so let’s get through this week first and see those rollovers and assignments happen. Then the volatility can start to rise and bring with it better prices for all of that reserve cash to be put to

If only it was all that easy.



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