Dashboard – April 7 – 11, 2014






MONDAY:   The only two questions are whether there will be follow through to Friday or not and when to start putting recycled funds at risk. Not too much need to rush in this morning as the big money decides which way to start off the week.

TUESDAY:     Looks like a quiet day ahead. Can that be possible?

WEDNESDAY:  A flat pre-opening in advance of an unusually unheralded FOMC minutes report. Expecting little activity until the afternoon.

THURSDAY:    Maybe today is a relative day of rest following yesterday’s post-FOMC surge and before tomorrow’s expiration. Simply hoping to maintain chances of rollovers and assignments to end the week.

FRIDAY:  Strap on. JP Mporgan and Wells Fargo earnings seem to have little impact this morning in the pre-open trading. Hopefully saner minds prevail soon








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