Dashboard – March 31 – April 4, 2014






MONDAY:   While High Frequency Trading is a likely topic to start the week and the Employmetn Situation Report likely to end the week, there is little in-between. The morning’s trading looks to be ready to get off to a benign, but positive start. We’ll see if that can last beyond an hour or so.

TUESDAY:     Looking like another postive start to the morning. It would be nice to have another unexpected catalyst like yesterday and just reap the benefits.

WEDNESDAY:  The ADP numbers are in and it appears that using the “weather” excuse is now over. The numbers were “meh” but expectations for Friday’s Employment Situation Report are high. Does that lead to a rare market decline on areport day on disappointment?

THURSDAY:    The ECB has its moment in the sun this morning, but does anyone really care? Although Draghi has helped move our markets in the past with other dovish comments, as today’s.

FRIDAY:  Unless today totally unravels, it looks like another in a long chain of positive weeks in which the Employment Situation Report is released, as well as another positive release day








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