Dashboard – March 17 – 21, 2014






MONDAY:   .Some cautious optimism to start the week but news from Russia could create spike in either direction as market itself is devoid of its own news

TUESDAY:     After a nice gain yesterday, the pre-open turns around early losses and heads higher on live streaming of Putin address to Russian Parliament, in proof that words trump actions

WEDNESDAY:  With Europe looking to be quiet today, all eyes are on the FOMC minutes release and more importantly Janet Yellen’s first post-FOMC release press conference. Niether is likely to make news or pack surprises.

THURSDAY:    A slip of the tongue spoiled yesterdy’s party but it looks as if there’s no real hard feelings the day after, just some head scratching to help wind down the week.

FRIDAY:  Looking to be a sedate way to end the week but monthly expiration days can have their surprises especially near the close.








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