Dashboad – March 3 – 7, 2014






MONDAY:   With earnings over, it’s time for events to take over, but markets never like unexpected events. Markets pointing toward staying with caution this morning.

TUESDAY:     Amazingly market shows pre-open complete rebound on words alone, not waiting for any confirmation on the baisis of actions. That’s a formula for disappointment with anything less than the most reliable of parties.

WEDNESDAY:  All’s quiet on Eastern front as Crimea retreats as story and ADP jobs takes center stage to no fanfare while awaiting the real thing on Friday

THURSDAY:    Three Federal Reserve Governors speak today, one day ahead of Employment Situation Report. Otherwise all is quiet here and around the world. Likely another quiet day.

FRIDAY:  This time around the Employment numbers are good and so is the initial reaction. Pattern seems to be on path to continue in upward direction, regardless of the number








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