Daily Market Update – February 7, 2014



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Daily Market Update – February 7, 2014 (9:00 AM)

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The following outcomes may be possible today:


Assignment:  EBAY, GPS*, MET

Rollover:   BMY, TXN, WAG

Expiration:  AIG, ANF,  CHK, CLF, HFC,


* GPS unexpectedly announced sales, revenues and improved guidance after yesterday’s close, sending stock higher in the after-hours. The decision and announcement to do so was likely made yesterday or after Wednesday’s trading close, as there was a tremendous increase in the remaining time value of the 2/7/14 option on Thursday morning. Additionally, there was a tremendous spike in option volume at about 9:45 AM, accounting for nearly the entire day’s volume, suggesting something substantive occurred between Wednesday’s close and Thursday’s open. The same spike in option premium did not extend into the next week, suggesting that there would be some event occurring prior to the close of the week’s trading.















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