Weekly Prospects (February 3 – 7, 2014)






MONDAY: Nikkei now officially in correction territory, but we start the week looking like an indifferent opening is in the works. Lots of earnings this week, but most big names already in the record books

TUESDAY:     Huge sell-off in Japan, but not seeming to translate here as the market prepares to open and Nikkei futures now also pointing broadly higher. We’ll see.

WEDNESDAY:  Nikkei has small rebound on same order as our own yesterday, signifying nothing. All eyes will be on ADP Report and then Friday’s Employment Situation Report

THURSDAY:    As long as Twitter and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is able to keep everyone’s interest today could be another quiet day awaiting tomorrow’s Employment Report

FRIDAY:  Was yesterday’s advance justified? Not based on the first reaction to the disappointing Employment Report. Much weaker than expected.



Sneak Peek

* Sneak Peek selections subject to change before final Sunday posting