Happy New Year

Happy and Healthy New Year


Sugar Momma and I began our lives together 28 years ago, having driven cross country together and arriving on the east coast on New Years’ Eve.

That first night, we got a pizza from a small place called “Andy’s Thrid Generation Pizza” on Long Island. If it’s still there, it may be up to the fifth generation by now, just one step ahead of the iPhone.

Happy New YearIn that time, I think we’ve made it to midnight just twice, including that very first New Years’ eve. After a truly horrible “Welcome in the New Millenium” party, it’s not likely that we’ll ever be venturing out again in celebration. We get all we need watching the fireworks display in Australia or Hong Kong.

Tonight will be no different, although through the modern miracle of “On Demand” we will be watching “Bridesmaids” and guessing that it will be every bit as funny as when we saw it in the theater.

As you prepare for what will hopefully be a safe and enjoyable celebration tonight, getting ready for what will absolutely be a wonderful year, I wanted to thank Sugar Momma for having the faith and patience to allow me to sit on my La-Z-Boy and by all appearances, do nothing at all during the course of the day.

That’s priceless, as is she.

She never reads this blog, so I can say that with impunity, without fear of losing bravado.

If she were reading this, she would likely want to know why you were reading this, as well.

But despite her incredulity that you would be wasting your time and encouraging me to do the same, she would join me in wishing you all what we wish for ourselves

Happy New Year and a wish that the coming year brings happiness, health and prosperity.


My favorite Sugar Momma reference was  How My WIfe’s Bra Saves us Money (she liked it, too)

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