Sherpa Wanted

Having spent the day in search of a mystical “vortex” high atop some mountain in Sedona, my eyes have been opened to a greater truth.
Of course, it’s entirely possible that the eye opening occured as direct result of the 11 AM wine tasting. There’s nothing better than a sampling of Arizona varietals to get you ready to hike up a mountain or two, or even better, to help you forget about hiking up a mountain or two.
I began to wonder at what point could you no longer justify starting to drink so early on the two hour time change.
7 years?
Guidance and preparation is the key to everything. We all need a personal Sherpa through all phases of our lives.
They do the work and you get the glory.
Everyone out here knows of the “vortex,” but their locations aren’t publicized widely. You have to find them on your own, given only some rough information.
None of the locals have ever gone to the sacred spots. That has to tell you something, but then again, it took my moving from New York before I ever made it to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
I’ll always be grateful to Sherpa Snoopy.
Aimlessly following along a path that took us higher and higher, a man in a strikingly loud blue sweat shirt, that seemed to blend in with the clear sky and carrying a hiking stick, appeared from nowhere at the very top of the mountain. He worked his way down toward us and then confirmed for us that the vortex was indeed at the peak.
What he didn’t confirm was that the vortex actually had the properties that everyone was seeking. Somehow, the “vortex” was supposed to  deliver vibratory sensations and emanate heat while to providing some magical renewal to the soul.
WIth the two hour time difference and the lack of connection to the world at large. I definitely needed something to renew my soul which was floundering in the void left in the wake of a vacation.
Climbing up a mountain in my all purpose penny loafers seemed to be the answer.
Not having tuned into CNBC or Bloomberg its been difficult to know what’s been shaping the markets into their action or inaction for the past two days.
Although I did ask, this particular Sherpa didn’t appear to be specializing in that particular area of my interests. I never even thought to ask him what macroeconomic issues were at play today.
As I stared into the incredible carved out red mountains against a sea of bright blue sky, there’s probably a greater chance of understanding how those were carved out than we’ll ever truly understand market dynamics.
I heard roughly equal number of comments about God and nature being responsible for the wonders before us. The beauty proved both sides of the argument to my satisfaction. In hindsight, it was probably a mistake for me to suggest that the rock formations proved that fetal stem cell research is ordained by a higher energy.
On these recently increasing days that I’m cut off from a reliable income stream the trades still need to be made. They’re not going to make themselves, although they could if someone would send an algorithm my way.
What I do know is I made a few trades as I occasionally got an opportunity to check in with my cell phone. I bought more shares of Netflix and Goldman Sachs, sold calls on those, as well as calls on Halliburton and Freeport McMoRan.
I remember thinking that there must be a higher order and authority. How else could a cell phone connection exist in such a remote area other than through divine intervention.
In a misguided attempt to make trades on my Droid phone, which is an entirely unsatisfactory experience, I also ended up buying calls on British Petroleum when my intention was to sell.
That, to me, indicated that there was no such higher authority. How could a loving Supreme Being have allowed such a travesty?
I’m certain that had my personal Sherpa been at my side that sort of thing would never have happened.
I never buy calls. He would have known that.
Having a Sherpa at hand can be very useful. Presumably, to be a qualified Sherpa you have to understand the challenges that lay ahead and then endure and conquer them.
To do so, you have to be prepared.
As we trekked up the mountain, my Sugar Momma, who is usually prepared enough for two, fell right out of her completely ridiculous shoes.
Fashion trumping function, those were the same kind of shoes she fell out of while pregnant with our oldest son many years ago.
So that should answer that question.
In this case, she forgot to change into hiking shoes as we left the car.
Fortunately, the outcome was just embarrassment in front of a  gaggle of Taiwanese friends re-assembled for a college reunion.
We eventually reached the summit together and found the “voretx”. The Taiwanese felt the glow, the vibration and the heat.
I’m not surprised. They also don’t feel the acupuncturist’s needles.
I felt nothing, but I did get a cell signal, so at least I felt the joy of being able to read the morning’s Daily Dilbert, high above the roadside.
With SHerpa in hand, I’ll be better prepared for tomorrow. I’m certain that my guide and protector will awaken me before the opening bell in New York.
That didn’t happen this morning. I actually missed the first 30 minutes or so and whatever opportunities may have come along in that time.
The SHerpa will also guide my as we travel to the Grand Canyon tomorrow, to be certain that I methodically check the settings on my Droid app, so that I don’t make the same mistake twice and once again purchase a worthless call option.
In the meantime, Sherpa and I can celebrate the ultimate victory.
Even with Tuesday’s little erroneous trade mishap, I hit a personal best month ever in terms of options premiums with the most recent trades.
Even if we fall off the cliff, they can’t take that away from me, but of course, if that does occur, the loyal Sherpa is likely to break my fall.
And that’s exactly why selling covered calls is like having a personal Sherpa. They protct and guide you toward a defined strike price.
As Green Mountain Coffee Roasters took that huge earnings related hit last week, that fall was nicely cushioned by lots of options premiums the previus three weeks.
Cost averaging down on Monday and selling even more call actions at the lower price strime just served to further reduce the cost basis. Now, despite that $25 drop, the shares are no longer a losing proposition.
The options will expire and no one will ever really remember that they existed. The glory is all mine and I live to trade another day, as long as those calls are out there to protect.
Now, if only I could get a Sherpa to protect me from Sugar Momma’s ire as I play with my various “devices” while I’m supposed to be communing with nature and the energy of the vortex.
That would truly be something special and a worthy cause.
Until that time comes, I’ll attempt to sneak peaks at what’s going on in the markets and attempt to squeeze a few more trades out before the November cycle ends.
Besides, I have to pay for this vacation and Sherpas don’t come cheaply, either.