Dashboard – February 24 – 28, 2014






MONDAY:   Looking to be another quiet start to the week and possibly another week with little to no foreseeable catalysts

TUESDAY:     While there were no identifiable catalysts yesterday, it was anything but quiet. Today appears to be a repeat of yesterday’s early indications of a quiet day, with little reason to expect a repeat of the surprise move higher once the bell rang.

WEDNESDAY:  These days, when it comes to retail, the expectations are so low, that “not horrible” is great. They say if you live long enough you’ll see everything. Patience and genes help

THURSDAY:    Durable Goods, Jobless Claims and Janet Yellen testimony yt start the morning, as even JC Penney enjoys a retail rally during an otherwise quiet week

FRIDAY:  The expectation is for more quietude today as news and earnings are taking a break



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Dashboard – February 10 – 14, 2014



MONDAY:  Not too much on the calendar this week other than lots of Federal Reserve Governors and Janet Yellen speaking, twice. Plenty of opportunity to try and interpret their intentions.
TUESDAY:     Everything was said to be held in abeyance until Janet Yellen’s congressional testimony today. The prepared remarks text will be released before thecomments, but shouldn’t hold any surprise. The circus may come after as a “rection panel” is convened, similar to a State of the Union response by the “other” side.
WEDNESDAY:  Yellen testifies again tomorrow, but history of Humphrey-Hawkins shows that impact, if any, rarely duplicates itself on second day and sometimes reverses direction.
THURSDAY:    Not much reason for pre-open sell-off and neither in line Jobless Claims nor weak Retail Sales pushed the needle too much, once released. Traders just don’t like snow.
FRIDAY:  No catalysts today expected as everyone digging out in advance of Monday’s market holiday


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